Steady there, Parnilla, steady!

Greetings & salutations, Internet-Land! I hope your Christmas was great, and I wish you all the best for a very Happy New Year. To help myself celebrate the coming new year, I have acquired one of my all time favorites ~ Beautiful but Deadly Parnilla by Wilde Imagination. She’s stunning! I was a little sad to find that her waist was very loose & floppy (but NOT broken like my September Mourn). I looked up some ideas on possible ways to steady her lower waist joint. The best one (to my mind) was to shim her by inserting some layered clear adhesive tape to the lower front & back torso, thus making her joint more snug. I did not, however, like the idea of adding adhesive to my doll. Once the tape wore out, how would I get the old sticky stuff (which always looks dirty when old) off the body? After considering this, I came up with my happy alternative. Instead of tape, I got some clear thick vinyl! I cut a small piece and was able to gently wedge it into the joint back just above her bum. Voila! It worked like a charm. Now you can see that I can hold her almost horizontal, and she still stays straight! If and when I ever need to replace it, I will simply remove the old one & slip in a new piece ~ NO sticky mess. And that’s not all! This weekend (hopefully tomorrow for New Year’s Eve) I will be posting another holiday set of gowns for Maggie here and on my facebook page. Stay tuned! Until then, here are some pics of “Steadying Parnilla.”



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