Making It Better!

Happy wishes to you, Internet-Land! So ~ my last tutorial was about making a basic sheath style dress for Evangeline (January 8, 2017). As an alternative to the pattern we put together, I also added the variation of a V-style back on the gown. Well, any time I make a pattern, I want to put one together to make sure it works. It actually did, and I was happy with the “look,” but not quite satisfied with the mechanical aspects of the back facing pieces. I am all for making things better! Tonight I am posting the full pattern here with the REVISED V-style back facing piece. I will also add the revised images to my facebook page where the pattern was originally posted and in my “free stuff” tab here on the website. In the picture, you can see what needed tweaking. I made the length of the new pieces longer to run the full length of the open back for a more finished look without the bulky edge of the facing hem mid-way down the back opening. These pattern images are formatted to 8×11 size paper. Just “copy & paste” or “save as” to insert into your favorite app for printing. Wishing you all a super-duper week and happy sewing!


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