Another “Regular Day”

Greetings & Salutations, Internet-Land!

I had a college professor who used to say, “Learn to enjoy the ‘regular’ days.” That quote has become one of my “life staples.” So many times people live from “high” to “high,” and I don’t mean chemically. I mean emotionally ~ from event to event or holiday to holiday. OK, Christmas is over ~ what’s coming next? What do we do with all the days in between? Are they wasted away in anticipation of the next big thing? It seems a sad commentary to me. Instead, I have taken that old quote and made it my own. Just what can I squeeze out of TODAY? It’s not a holiday. There’s no big event. It’s just February 11, 2017.

So ~ I woke up at 6:15am. I usually get up at 3:45am, so for me it’s definitely “sleeping in!” I thought to myself, “What would I like to accomplish today?” My answer was to bring some fun and positivity to my world. Not many people regularly visit here, but for those who do, I want to bring a lift to your day. Find something you love today. Then share it with someone. It’s surprising what those small things can do to help others as much as ourselves. Just a note, phone call, or text to say, “I’m thinking of you today,” can mean so much. Today I will be working on Valentines for some of my old students.

So, to those of you who stop by my blog ~ Thank You! You are appreciated. I may not know you at all, but I would wish for you a smile and friendly greeting. I’m thinking of you today! And to add some fun, here is a new outfit for Maggie. As always, just “copy & paste” or “save as” to put into your favorite app for printing on 8.5×11 size paper. She also has a new outfit on my facebook page:

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!



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