Keep Going Forward

Howdy, Howdy, Internet~Land! Here it is, another weekend! At the end of the last post, I attached a picture of my stitches. Hope I didn’t gross anyone out too badly. My hands continue to heal, but the left one has had a little glitch. The cut split open a bit. The doctor said that was normal when one has had both hands operated on at the same time. I don’t have a “good” hand available to use while the other one heals, so both get a little over-used. It’s common for the healing to take longer. But the process continues. I’ll post a photo without the stitches after Maggie’s dress, so if you don’t want to look, stop there!

I have been able to start a few easy projects, but no sewing yet. I wanted you, my internet friends, to know I was thinking of you, so I tried my hand at another Maggie gown. It is an evening compliment to the last outfit. I got it done, but was surprised at how tired my hands were when finished! I say “hands,” because while one draws, the other is holding the paper still or adjusting its angle. I will gladly continue to go slow & steady! I am also going to see how plausible it might be to paint a resin doll head this weekend. It’s just a “practice head,” so if I really mess it up, it’s not a catastrophe. We’ll see how it goes. I may throw in a couple pics next time, if it’s not a disaster. In the meantime, here’s a new dress for Maggie’s night out. Remember to “copy & paste” or “save as” into your favorite application for printing. More outfits can be found in my “Free Stuff” tab and at my facebook page. Enjoy!

Maggie 13

OK ~ now for the pic of my hands. Ewwwwe!!! Gross!!! heeheehee!

my hands 4 2017


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