Making Progress!

Howdy, Howdy, Internet-Land! It’s been a good couple weeks as my hands have continued to get better. The left one has taken longer to close, and both get sore pretty fast, but all is well. It’s amazing how the body can mend itself! What a great God we have to design such a marvelous system! I see improvement every day. I’ve been working on a new project to try to get my hands back into shape and ready to sew upholstery again.

I was able to get my fella’s face painted. I’m not sure if I’m totally satisfied, but for now I’m happy with the results. He may get a couple new faces before I’m done. It’s taken quite a while, but I now have his complete outfit finished! He is 65cm (26 inches) tall, and I made all you see ~ the shirt, tie, vest, pants, jacket, shoes, socks, & wig (which is strongly anime style). I want to make some tweaks to my patterns, but overall am happy with the first attempt. Some of the patterns were made with just measurements before the fella actually arrived, so I was pleased that they fit as well as they did. The main changes will be to lower the waist on the pants, lengthen the jacket, and close up the collar on the shirt. The shoes will also have a few adjustments, but it was fun to make them.

Tomorrow is the Wagon Wheel Dollers’ Doll Show at the Polk County Fairgrounds in Rickreall, Oregon (USA). For those of you who are local ~ it would be great to see you there! I will add the link below as well as some updated pics of my hands. Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend!

Looking good!


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