Go for It!

Good morning, Internet-Land! I hope you are well this morning. I really do. I hope today, as you go about your life working, paying bills, doing chores, completing assignments, and scrolling through websites, that you find a jewel of goodness to brighten your day. I know that we all have different faiths and belief systems. That is especially true in this venue of the “world wide web!” My personal belief is in a loving Creator who provides salvation through the gift of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Though I can not expect all to agree with my faith, I can wish for all a joyful and positive experience when you visit my site. I would wish for you to have a better day and a reason to smile having spent some time here.

I hope you have a dream you are chasing. I hope you are willing to learn and grow in order to make your dream a reality. Sometimes that means we must objectively assess our situation and be willing to make some changes. Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from moving forward. I’ve often heard our pastor say, “God doesn’t bless inactivity ~ He blesses the PROCESS.” That idea got me MOVING. Sometimes I make great strides, and sometimes I only move a little ~ but I keep going. Sometimes, if my “engine” seems to stall, I keep tinkering on the parts! I hope if you’re having a hard day, this will give you encouragement to make it a better day. I hope if you’re having a good day, that you will find a way to make it great. You have abilities; you have worth; you can find a dream; you can do it!

To help brighten your day, I have some new fun for Maggie! You can click on the “Free Stuff” tab in my HOME menu to find the Maggie Doll (as well as other fun free items). Just select photo of choice, then “save as” or “copy & paste” into your favorite folder or application to print. Maggie is formatted for 8.5×11 paper, and the Forest Walk Fairy Doll Collection pages are formatted for 8.5×14 paper. You will also find two more new outfits on my facebook page!


I wish for you a fantastic week,  where YOU begin to make your dreams come true!


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