A Bit of Rest

A very warm “Hello!” to you, Internet-Land!

So, ya ~ had myself some rest this weekend. It seems like sometimes we’re just going and going and … going … and … going …. . The past few weeks have been full and productive, which I love, but I guess I just needed a little bit of time with truly “nothing” on the schedule. And do you know what? I NAPPED! Yes! I had a long and glorious nap on Saturday. It was wonderful. I feel so much better. You know, maybe you should try the same. If you’re normally a very disciplined person and have difficulty “just stopping to nap,” write it in your planner. Make an “appointment” for a good snooze. It’s amazing how much it can help. I had a teacher years ago who always used to say, “My schedule is my boss.” That’s how he kept his life in order. I like that idea, but then also be sure to incorporate things into your schedule that are not just “work related.” Anyhoo ~ enough of that.

My next bit (after the nap) was going through some old bins and stacks of “stuff to sort later.” You know, the stuff you pile away knowing full well you’ll never look at it again. Well, in one of those stacks, I found some rough sketches of a gown idea. It looks a lot like the purple hydrangea gown, minus the blossoms but adding a chiffon choker train. I don’t know ~ white or black? I like the idea of white, but I already have some black that might work. I’m still mulling it over. Maybe I’ll get started on it this afternoon. Here are the drawings I found. What do you think?

Gown Idea0001

Then, I had a project that was a fun success and an utter failure all at the same time. I finished the sculpt of my own ball jointed doll version of El, and was very happy with my first run. The disaster came when I went to string her together, and the bust just broke into several pieces! It was so very sad. I did manage to get a couple pics of her while rubber-banded together, so you could see her. Now it’s back to the “sculpting board” to try a new type of media that might be more tough when finished.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with another set of outfits for the paper doll version of El. I will also post the set from facebook on the “Free Stuff” page, so head over there for lots of fun freebies! As always, my wish for you is a wonderful week full of every good thing!

El BJD Paper Doll 4


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