Black on Black VS White on White

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land! It’s another weekend with some time to sew and say, “Hello!” I have been steadily making some progress through a very long “to do” list. The first set of items were for a little friend of mine whose parents work where I do. I had told her I was going to make her a surprise, and was happy to have it finished for her. It’s a set of sporty clothes to fit an American Girl doll. The next is a brown pieced jacket to fit a Tonner Matt or Mortimer ~ though it’s a little big on Matt.


Next is a 4 piece gown set to fit Tonner/Wilde Imagination Ellowyne. Now that I have a resin gal, I think she may be my new favorite for which to sew! She is very well strung, so poses great. This set is composed of the gown, a tulle petticoat, a choker train with snap-on rose button & chiffon strips, and a snap-on choker capelet that snaps onto the train and ties in the back. The strips of the train can also be used as a scarf/hood if wished. I am very happy with how the ruffles turned out. It was a very tedious experiment, and I’m glad it worked as I had hoped! I was surprised at how sewing the white chiffon onto the white satin was just as tiring as sewing black on to black! I have had some collectors order custom items in a lot of black, and my eyes get VERY tired after a while. While working on this gown I found the same to be true with the white. Only this time, instead of being hard to see for darkness, it was hard because the white reflects the lamplight! All in all, it was amusing to me. Still, I love the end result.

The next is still in progress. I need to finish by adding the snaps & buttons. It’s a sport jacket for Tonner Matt.


I am also working on more outfits for the paper doll, El, so may get them finished & posted later this weekend. I love getting projects finished! For now, I think it’s time to cook up some lunch. Wishing you all a wonderful & productive day!


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