Happy, Happy Halloween!

Good evening, Internet-Land! Glad you’re here! This week I’ve just went to town with new costume designs for El. Don’t know why ~ I guess I was just inspired by the festive season and all the candy in the stores. In any event, El has SIX more outfits this week to celebrate the dress-up season. Three are here on the blog, but all six will be posted on my “Free Stuff” tab. I would love to see some of your coloring variations if you would like to email them to me. I will NOT pester you with reply ads or anything like that, and will only reply upon request. Just put “El’s Costume” in the subject bar and add a note if you’d like me to post the picture. Please note ~ only designs meeting appropriateness for my blog would be posted.


Wishing you all a GREAT weekend and a very Happy & Safe Halloween!

El BJD Paper Doll 10

El BJD Paper Doll 12


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