Happy November 2017

Good morning, dear Internet-Land! Wow. Already in the eleventh month of the year. I hope things are going well for you today. Here, I’m just plodding along, but with a silly skip in my step once in a while. Usually, I pass through November, enjoy Thanksgiving, then begin to think about the whole Christmas event “stuff.” Not THIS year! I have already began my Christmas shopping. I know, right?! So ~ here’s where the silly skip comes into play. With only two exceptions ~ every gift I have purchased for someone else has been accompanied with an identical purchase for MYSELF! Heeheehee!!! I’m going to have a GREAT Christmas! So many years have been spent thinking, “Oh, man, what would so&so like?” Not this year. Nope! This year, I have thought, “Oh! I LIKE that! I think so&so would like it, too.” And so I bought TWO! Yes, I’m a nut, but it’s been soooo much fun. I’m even going to wrap my stuff and put it under the tree. I want to get things out of hiding, but if I don’t wrap my stuff as well, the girls will know what they’re getting.

I know there are some who complain every year about the holiday greed and commercialism, but I must admit ~ I jump in with both feet. For me, it’s all about spreading joy and a thankful spirit. I have been so blessed, so I want to share and enjoy. In that spirit, I offer my first 2017 Thanksgiving freebie. It’s a color & put-together Teddy who is all set for the holiday (3 sheets). Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

November 2017-1

November 2017-2

November 2017-3



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