Making the Holiday

Good evening, Internet-Land! I hope you are having a good November. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I mentioned on my facebook page that I’m “enjoying” some post-surgery issues with my hand, so have not been doing any recreational sewing. I do, however, have a couple items to share today. The first will be my new “birthday gift to me” Annora by Phyn & Aero, along with her finished face-up and hand-painted eyes. I’m not sure if she’ll keep this look, so am waiting to add the final touch of applied eyelashes when I decide. I was so happy to learn her actual size and that I could buy her “blank.”

Secondly, is a tip for holding on wigs. Sometimes I find wigs at shows that are pretty, but may be oddly sized or shaped. I tried the trick of simply putting a white rubber band around the head to add some “grip” for the wig. It works great! I know you can buy silicone head caps, but sometimes the price for one little piece of plastic is way higher than I am willing to pay. I always have a selection of rubber bands, so I just found some small enough to have good stretch, and white ~ so as not to add staining to the head.

I know it’s a few days even before Thanksgiving, but this weekend I worked on getting my Christmas lights up on the outside of the house. It’s silly, but for some reason I just want to prolong the holiday fun this year. Since the daylight gets shorter and shorter, it’s easy to let the literal darkness seep into the spirit. We go to work in the dark and then come home in the dark as well. I decided to start the color of the holidays early, so I can enjoy it even longer than usual. I may keep the lights from November through January or February, just to enjoy the smile they give!

I will also be working on a companion craft to the Pilgrim Bear I previously posted, so be on the look out for that in the next couple days. I hope you have the very best week!


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