Happy New Year 2018!

Wow! So good to connect with you, Internet-Land! I hope your New Year has started out well. After our very busy December, I took a bit of a break. Can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned it here on the blog, but my right hand had to undergo another surgery. All went well, but it’s taking a while for everything to heal. This time, the pain was reduced, but the function has not been totally regained. I try to use it to keep the muscles moving, but after a good day of use, I pay for it the next. That’s how it goes sometimes, I guess. In any event, I’m making progress, even if it’s a bit slower than I’d like.

Now I have a result of some of that exercise ready for you. Last month, as “Gift 7,” I introduced a new duet paper doll set, “Lavender & Nanette,” along with an evening gown for each doll. These ladies were an experiment using some new articulated body figures. I posed them, photographed them, then drew the dolls based on the photos. It’s been a fun, new thing to try. Since I had not posted any more clothing for them, today I have two more pages for these gals. These are formatted to 8.5″x11″ paper. The dolls and first set of gowns can be found by scrolling down to the December 16, 2017 post, or by going to my “Free Stuff” page. There you can also find lots more fun freebies. Enjoy, and have a wonderful week!

Lavender & Nanette 4

Lavender & Nanette 3


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