I’m the Worst with Surprises

Greetings dear friends in Internet-Land. Yes ~ surprises have never been my strong suit ~ in giving or receiving. If receiving, I never know quite how to act. I did have a mentor once tell me, “Just say, ‘Thank you.’ It is fine to show simple gratitude for the gesture. No speech is necessary.” That has helped immensely in not being so awkward. The giving aspect comes into play when I simply can NOT wait to give it! This Christmas was very taxing on me, as I was done with all my shopping by mid-November. However, I suffered through and enjoyed the fruits of my labors.

That leads me into today’s post. The “12 Gifts of Christmas” was fun, because I never had to wait. I was constantly creating, and then posting as soon as projects were complete. The other day, however, I actually got 4 pages of outfits done all on the same day. I only posted two, and now I just can’t stand it any more ~ I have to post these as well! I know, I know, I’m such a weakling. But hey, at least it keeps me in a state where I need to continue creating, as I don’t have any back-up. 🙂 Enjoy these additional outfits for Lavender & Nanette. Chat at’cha later! ~  missy

(Dolls & other outfits can be found on my “Free Stuff” page.)

Lavender & Nanette 5

Lavender & Nanette 6



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