As I Move through January

Good evening, Internet-Land. I hope you have had, or are having a very good day today. As we are now well into this first month of the year, I was thinking about the whole “new year’s resolution” thing. I’m not one for making resolutions for really big changes (mostly because I won’t keep up with them), but I do like to make a couple new goals or challenges with each new year. Another thing I do like is all the super cute planners that are available now. With fancy dividers & pages, stickers, and room for photos, they are just so appealing. The problem is, I don’t have a complicated enough life to need all those extra page features ~ you know, the pages with every hour mapped out for important appointments. I usually use the “month at a glance” pages, and then just skip the rest between the dividers. Then, I got this idea for using all those “daily” spaces, and I thought I’d jot it here in case anyone else might like to try it, too. I bought myself a cute, inexpensive planner that just has the complete month, and then between the monthly views, a small space for each one of the days. I’m making sure to carry it with me. In each daily space I’m going to work at writing down just one thought. Just one. Not a giant plan, not a complete journal entry, not a major life change. Just one thought. Maybe it will be a cool word. Maybe an idea for a doll fashion. Maybe it will be a really good quote. Maybe it will be an idea for something to build. Maybe a Scripture verse. Maybe it will be the name of something I want to cook. Maybe a new anime to check out. Just one thing. Just one way to say, “I thought of something that interested me today.” Then, when I want to create something, I will have days and days of ideas from which to glean. How many awesome opportunities in life are missed, simply because the inspiration of a moment was lost? This year, I’d like to capture more of those moments. I hope you will capture yours as well! Wishing you a very INSPIRATIONAL 2018!

Lavender & Nanette 7




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