Mae as a Fairy!

Good morning & happy Friday, Internet-Land. Today I have a new look for Mae. I hadn’t done a fairy paper doll outfit for quite a while, so I decided to draw one for her. I was just in a “swirly” mood, I guess. This weekend we have some graduation activities, as well as some of my other projects that need attention, so I just wanted to hop on here real quick to say “hello” and post this set. I will also post the photo of this outfit on the “Free Stuff” page and add the updated PDF file (with doll & all her outfits) to the “Ready To Print” page for an easy download.

If you’re new to my site ~ welcome! I’m so glad to have you stop by. For those who are just now visiting, you may notice that some of the older blog posts do not show the “free items” they introduce. A while back, I did some site “house cleaning & rearranging.” Now, ALL the free items are pictured on my “Free Stuff” page, and the PDF version of each file is listed on the “Ready To Print” page. Just look over the “Free Stuff” page, see what you might like, then go to the “Ready To Print” page to click on the file & print or download. Hope that all makes sense & is not too redundant! Have a great weekend! ~ missy

Mae 4


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