Just for a Cool Spring Evening

Howdy, all you sewers in Internet~Land! A new friend in one of my facebook doll groups asked about a leggings pattern for a MiniFee. Well, I thought, why not just post it tonight for everyone? I made this set a while back just to have a casual outfit for shopping & stuff. I used a stretch knit for the leggings (with narrow elastic waist) and a looser sweater knit for the actual sweater. It even has a slight sparkle to it. To add a finishing touch, I strung a beaded belt on some clear stretch line. Tadah ~ the girls are ready for fun!

As always, this free pattern will be shown on the “Free Stuff” page and listed as a downloadable PDF file on the “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & Happy Wednesday!

Ellowyne ~ BJD MSD Sweater Set


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