Love Doing Faceups

Howdy once again, Internet~Land! My Elliece’s new faceup is finally done, and I love her new look. The new Resinsoul Mei head in white looks so much better with the rest of the body. It’s actually a little whiter than the body (since it’s brand new & the body is second hand). As of now, she’s in the straight white wig, but that may still change. I’m thinking of looking for a long, straight, grey wig, but not sure yet. I’ve posted a new video showing her faceup process, and I hope it can be helpful to those who are still fairly new (like me) to doing faceups. I had fun designing her face and am now ready to start designing clothes for her. I have already drafted the “Basic Pattern Pieces Set,” though it’s not quite finalized & ready to post yet (next week). I’m also working on the video to design & sew her new gown. So much BJD sewing fun is coming soon! In the meantime, here is her faceup journey. Enjoy!


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