When a Plan Comes Together

Happy day, Internet~Land! I’m feeling quite pleased with myself this weekend. I took Thursday off work, because my daughters & I went up to Portland to see the Jack-Septic-Eye “How Did We Get Here?” tour/show. That meant I had my Friday off as well. Sometimes, when I have extra time off, I just use most of it to rest and “vegetate.” Not so this time! I was able to get TWO videos posted, a new Basic Pattern Set done, AND a new gown pattern for Elliece drafted, cut out, and sewn. The sewing tutorial video has even been filmed; I’m now in the process of editing it. I just love it when I’m productive!

That means an extra post for this fine Labor Day weekend with a FREE pattern set all ready for YOU! I’ll post the overview photo after the video link. If it’s something you’d like, just go to my “Ready To Print” page to download the PDF file. If you haven’t been here in a while, you’ll see I have a couple new Paper Dolls as well. Now I still have Sunday & Monday to enjoy. Wishing you lots of sewing fun & a GREAT weekend!

BJD SD Resinsoul 60cm Female BASIC


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