Back into the Swing

Whew! Hello, Internet~Land. How are you? Has the new year started out well for you? I hope you are finding new avenues of creativity and energy. I also hope you are keeping yourself healthy. Good food, lots of water, and then there’s the other thing … exercise. Ya ~ I’ll work on that one, too, I guess … if I must. It’s been a challenge to try to get back into the routine after all our holiday activities. We also had our annual inventory event at work the first of the month, so now we’re all trying to get back into a regular rhythm. I think I will get there. I’ll just take one day at a time.

To jump into January, I have started my new planner for the year. My daughters got me some of the Happy Planner items for my birthday & Christmas. I have several pages of fun ideas for patterns, paper dolls, and videos. I also have a Doll Show coming up on January 26. Now to finish up some items to take along with me!

This week, I have been putting together one of the patterns from The Twelve Gifts of Christmas so you can see what it looks like when finished. It’s the gown set for Annora. It actually went together really well, and was one of the “easier” things I’ve sewn in a while. I hope you have fun sewing it, too. Take good care of yourselves this week ~ and be sure to get enough rest!


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