The Lord Made a Difficult Day Easier!

Greetings & Salutations, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you this weekend. It was a strange week for me. Work was good, but seemed extra long. As some might remember, last year we lost our younger sister at the age of 39. It was such a shock, and still seems very unreal. As the first anniversary drew near (yesterday), the memories would hit in waves as I was trying to go about my regular tasks. I was so, so thankful to learn that we would NOT be working the Friday overtime shift (blessing number one). Friday, I woke up at around 6:30am and began to putt around the house. I baked up some homemade pretzels and brewed some fresh oolong tea. Once breakfast was done, I worked on my new patterns for this week. Being productive is very therapeutic for me (blessing number two). After working for a while, I felt kind of drained, so enjoyed taking a warm, snuggly nap (blessing number three). When I woke up, I finished the patterns, and then was able to help a friend who is working on some college entrance essays. It was nice to step outside myself a little and help someone else (blessing number four). Later, I got all the pattern pieces cut for this week’s sewing video (blessing number five). Today I filmed the actual sewing part for the new coat design. I’ll finish up & post the new video tomorrow. It was so nice to have happy things occupying my mind in addition to the difficult things. The Lord is very good to bless me with a very full and happy life ~ it makes the hard times easier to endure. So, it is with a contented and grateful heart that I continue to move along and share my joys with all of you. I hope you are able to have a lovely weekend of rest, peace, and dolly fun!

REVISED – BJD 70cm Male Long Coat

REVISED - BJD 70cm Long Coat



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