Pants with Zippers!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you this fine Monday evening … at least for me it’s still Monday evening ~ almost bed time. Anyways, here’s a bit of news for any who might be interested. You’ll recall that last week was the Cross Roads Doll Show up in Clackamas, Oregon. Since “life just happens” sometimes, I have missed out on the last two 2018 shows with this organization. To my surprise, I learned last week that the Cross Roads Team has had continual difficulties with the management of the particular hotel where we host the show. Consequently, we will no longer be having our shows at this venue. When we hear of our new location, I will let you know. All things considered, we still had a great day, and I posted a short vlog on my YouTube channel about our adventure. I’m both anxious and curious as to where this show will be held in future. My participation hangs heavily on the cost of the table space, as well as the driving distance from home.

In other news, I have revised the pattern for the 70cm Male BJD Long Coat that I put together in my last sewing video. I wanted to tweak it a bit for a better construction and fit. The new version can be viewed on the Free Stuff Page, and the PDF has been replaced as well on the Ready To Print Page. This week, I also have a new pattern for some faux “leather” pants to fit the slim 70cm Male BJDs. They’re a skinny leg pant with zippers at the ankles! I have the sewing video ready! Wishing you all a SUPER week!

70cm Male BJD Leather Pants with Zippers


70cm Male Leather Pants


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