Sewing BJD Overalls & a NEW Basic Set!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land, so glad to be chatting with you! I’m a little late at posting this time. I was planning to have everything ready to post a few days ago, but had an “incident.” Last weekend, we here in the Pacific Northwest enjoyed a very cold & icy weekend. I was rather disappointed that our snow was less than expected and rather short-lived. Sunday, as I was plodding my way down our VERY STEEP “dry” driveway, my foot hit an unexpected patch of ice. Down I went, landing very hard on the upper back part of my bum! I think had it been the “seat,” I would not have been in as much pain. My daughters were in the car waiting for me, and both jumped out to come to my aid ~ simultaneously concerned and bursting with laughter! I tried to get up, but my feet just kept sliding away from me. It took Savannah and me a few tries before I was on my feet again. Since “sitting” for an hour was out of the question, my daughters headed to church without me, and I spent the rest of the day lying on my side. Zoiks ~ I sure  don’t bounce back like I used to! It’s a good thing I had scheduled this week as vacation time. I spent Sunday & Monday recuperating. Rest assured that I am fine, just sore … though my ego is still a bit tender!

Now on to the dolly news. I have the new video ready for sewing together the 1/3 scale female BJD Overalls Pattern. I was very happy with how they turned out. That pattern is already on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages (along with the T-Shirt shown in the video). I also have a new Basic Set ready for the Mirodoll 55cm Male body. They call it “60cm,” but when he arrived, I measured to find him a bit shorter than they claimed. Still, I really like him and am anxious to get his new head painted & put on him. I will post the photo of the pattern set and the PDF link of the pattern after the video link. Happy Creating!

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male BASIC SET

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male Basic


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