2 NEW Basic Sets!

Hi, all you in Internet~Land! Wow. I’ve had a long couple weeks! I know it’s nothing compared to many of you out there, but for this old gal ~ I’m not a big fan of the 50 hour work week (combined with 9-10 hours of drive time). I got reeeeeally spoiled working a 36-40 hour week (a couple blocks away) for 12 years! Now, I’m definitely having to adjust. With extra overtime, I get less time for my dolly adventures. Don’t worry ~ it’s not all “gloom & doom.” One of the reasons for my extra hours is that I’ve been working on a new display for our department. I can’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned where I work. It’s at A-dec. We make dental furniture & equipment. I work in the Upholstery Department sewing upholstery for dental chairs. I was able to get permission to show a photo of my display. I’m so happy with how it turned out! It gives an overview of the different styles of chair inner upholstery (stuffing) & stitching patterns that are available, and the video screen is on a loop showing how different pieces of equipment are used in the assembly process. We have lots of tour groups come through the campus, so we wanted to upgrade our display area. Of course, I had lots of help from the Machine & Property Departments, but I did do all the sewing on the samples in the boxes, as well as the main design & graphics of the board. Here’s how it looks!

This week, the sun is lasting longer, and my spirits & energy are up! I mentioned in my last post that I have recently acquired a Mirodoll male body. I thought he was going to be 60cm, but he turned out to be only 54-55cm. Since he was much smaller than my Mirodoll Rain, the BASIC Pattern Set I last posted will not fit him. Sooo ~ I have been busy drafting a new BASIC Pattern Set for Rain (who is actually 68cm), as well as another BASIC Set for my newly arrived Bobobie Apollo! I bought the Apollo to fit a head I recently purchased. The Mirodoll body was too hefty for the head I bought, so I am using that body for a Ban head I already had. Now that these two new BASIC Sets are done, I will be using them to make more clothing patterns. Be sure to keep an eye out for those videos! In the mean time, here are the new BASIC sets. Enjoy & happy creating!

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC Set

Pattern – Bobobie Apollo BASIC

Bobobie Apollo BASIC Set.png


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