Putting Together the Ruffle Dress

Hello there, Internet~Land. This week I’d like to wish all you moms out there a spectacular evening on this fine Mother’s Day. I have a new video ready to post for sewing together the Ruffle Dress from the last pattern I posted. As I was preparing to sew it, I realized that my dolly would need something ready to wear UNDER the dress, since the fabric is extremely sheer. That led me to drawing out & sewing the cute little slip for her. I am posting the new pattern for the slip, and it also includes a couple variations for bras & undies. I suppose the pattern could also work for a swim suit. Anyways, I will add the new video to this post once it processes on YouTube, and for now will leave you the link to the new pattern. Here’s wishing you a spectacular week!

BJD SD Underwear Pattern

BJD SD Undies


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