Gum Case Re-Imagined

Good morning all you wonderful people out there in Internet~Land! Here in the U.S., it’s Memorial Day weekend. I’m enjoying the knowledge that Monday will be spent at home. Today I slept until 6:30am, which was delightful compared to my usual 3:30am alarm! Upon awaking, I sorted the laundry for the wash-house (since my own washer died), and have finished up the  formatting for this new little pattern. It’s a fun way to use those empty chewing gum cases for delightful dolly accessories! Now your dolls will have a new type of case/purse/attache’ to carry their most valuable treasures. I’ve only finished the prototype thus-far (pictured on the right), but I am still going to make more. I’ll play with it and tweak it as I go if needed. The pattern is designed to have some edges turned over/hemmed (shown by dotted lines), but if you want the edges to be flat and smooth, you could skip this part (trimming off those edges as long as your fabric/leather does not ravel). In any event, it’s just a place for your own creativity to begin! I’m working on a video to walk through the assembly steps. I’m in the process of replacing my good camera which suddenly died last week, so hopefully that can be done this weekend. If not, I’ll try using one of my older cameras to get that ready for you. In the meantime, here’s the pattern so you can start building!

Gum Case


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