Making Bias Tape

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are doing well during these very stressful times. The long lasting effects of the Corona virus are still spreading to every corner. Businesses all over the world are closing, down-sizing, and/or making drastic changes in their organizational structures. We are feeling it here, too. I have only a few weeks of work, before I will be home for an extended period of time. Yet, through all of this, people are banding together in order to help where they can. One of the most widely spread projects is sewing fabric face masks. My last post included a free PDF of the pattern I like best with a video on how I put them together.

This brings me to today’s subject. I know many sewing supplies (like elastic and bias tape) are in short supply. As a result, I have been burning my fingers with the steam iron as I make my own ties. This led me to the search for a bias tape maker. Though I was able to find some and order them online, I’m not holding my breath for their arrival! In the meantime, I thought I’d try my hand at making a way to fold my fabric more easily and quickly with less risk to my poor fingers. Hence, today’s attachment. This is just a quick little helper for you to fold and iron your own bias tape while you’re waiting for the  “real tools” to arrive.  Just click on the pink link to open the downloadable PDF file. I hope it proves to be helpful!

Bias Tape Folder

Bias Tape Folder


4 thoughts on “Making Bias Tape

  1. laura Flohr says:

    Make you so much ! I was already drawing and measuring myself but you already did all the work! Look and work amazing .Thanks again !


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