A BJD Baggy Sweater!

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are well today. I had some extra time this week, so am able to get this new pattern & video out to you sooner than planned! How often does that happen???? Two of my BJD fellas have the newest bodies, so don’t yet have a lot to wear. They are currently wearing some harem pants and tops made for the taller 70cm Resinsoul Long body. They do have their own jackets (though unfinished), so I decided to put together a new over-sized sweater. It’s funny to me how they’re wearing Long’s pants, and now the baggy sweater designed for them will, in turn, fit Long also. (heeheehee!) The pattern features the pieces to make the sweater in the video with additional options for a shorter length of both the sweater hem and sleeves. Well, without further ado, here you go!

Male SD BJD Oversize Sweater

Male SD BJD Oversize Sweater


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