2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #5

Happy holiday greetings with Gift Number Five. This pattern set if for the slimmer MiroDoll 66 male. Since I have the three BJD Gravity sculpts (Honey, Chocolate, and Cookie) for this body, I have too much fun designing for them! This coat has an unusual name. Instead of calling it “color block,” I called it “textile block.” The blocking is designed to mix two different types of fabric to make the coat, so that the line between the two textiles will move across the front in a diagonal direction. It’s inspired by the coat worn by BTS Jimin at the 2022 Grammys. I liked the idea of having a leather type fabric for the top sections and a velvet or denim for the lower sections. The pattern also features a turtle-neck shirt and skinny legged pants. Enjoy, and I’ll be back again soon!


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